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Hollow glass is composed of two or more pieces of glass edge are sealed with glass parts, edge sealing layer don't combine independent pieces of glass together and also maintain a certain mechanical strength around joints, ensure the hollow glass internal space free from outside influence.


Energy saving: because the K value of the hollow glass (thermal conductivity) is lower than the single-layer glass, therefore, regardless of the use of air conditioning and heating, the use of hollow glass will greatly reduce the energy consumption.
Sound insulation: special structure of hollow glass can make outdoor noise from RW-86 DB to RW-45 dB, the single glass had no apparent effect.
Safety: adopts a double-layer structure, wind resistance and external force is high, high-rise building and train, ship or coastal using hollow glass is the most appropriate.
Anti Frosting: moisture permeability of hollow glass is very low, under the big environment of indoor and outdoor temperature in winter, the single glass door Hui appear frosting phenomenon, in order to provide a comfortable indoor environment.


Max 6000mmx2400mm
Min 300mmx300mm
Thickness: 0mm-40mm
Aluminum frame width: 6A, 9A, 12A


Meet national standards: GB/11944 - 89